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•·Medieval Settlements
•·The Fodele Towers (kouledes)
•·"Polyrrito" Fodele 
•·The Laundry room in kefalovrysi 
•·The Bay of Fodele Port and Customs 

Medieval Settlements
Besides the settlements in areas Reresi and St. Basilios, northeast of the village near the banks of the river there are ruins of medieval houses covered with vegetation. Above the hill at northwest there are ruins of Lumbini "Tourkometochou".


The Fodele Towers (kouledes)
Towers which dominate the ridges near the village are dating from the period of late Turkish occupation. Are part of a wider defense plan of the military commander of Crete Hussein Pasha to suppress the revolution of 1866-69. By building fortification towers at strategic points - passes and having continuous visual contact, rebels surveillance was ensured so their communication and supply through sea was difficult to happen. The towers of Fodele divided into the following locations: Kefala (over the Fodele beach), in Koprokefala and Red hill Tower (coming right from Heraklion at the downhill before the village), and the ridges of Bobia.










"Polyrrito" Fodele

The abundance of Fodele running waters, is characteristic of the region, raising the interest from the time of Venetian rule: the report of the Venetian engineer Francesco Basilicata in the general foreseeable of Crete Pietro Giustiniano noted that the river "moves mills and continuously runs good and plenty of water ".

Besides Pantomantri river, surrounding mountains spring especially in rainy months, the streams of Lagonika, Livadia, Achelonas, Aspalathia, Xerodavlias, Rechtra, Dasouras, Kounoupi, Miliara and many more.. Waterfall flowing from decorated with aromatic shrubs and cyclamen tall rocks, creating beautiful lakes such as waterfall Joined "Old Woman's Leap" (see video), the waterfall of dark, Anastasia ...

The toponymy, the vegetation-covered ruins, oral and written testimonies speak for the many watermills in the region: the Marathianou mill (near St. Panteleimona). the Paliomylos of the lower mill, the mill in Kavetzana of Reresi, the mill of Pera Galinous.








The Laundry room in kefalovrysi

In 1915 the old laundry room of the village was built, based on the inscription above the entrance door, lying south of the village on the west bank of the river on expense of the community. Inside of this stone building is series of concrete troughs and pills.




The Bay of Fodele Port and Customs

The Fodele bay is defined on the east by Cape Cross (Akron Zeus?) And west by the Akra Kavronera.

Depicted in Venetian maps and reports of Venetian officials as a place for beaching ships and water supply, landing point and starting pirate incursions during the same historical period of the notorious pirate Barbarossa Chairedin in 1538, and last, point of grounding of the legendary steamships "Enosis "," Arcadia "and" Panhellenic "carrying ammunition, food and volunteers to continue the revolution of 1866-69. In the early 20th century. Fodele' s Port used for export of agricultural products, mainly citrus which were packed in barrels of seawater. From this period dates the now deserted office on the western edge of the harbor.



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